Brushes are Care objects used to straighten and clean your dogs' fur. It is ideal to brush their fur after they get washed. The brush comes in two different versions: the Rubber Brush (or Natural-Bristle Brush in Nintendogs + Cats), recommended for short-haired dogs, and the Wire Brush, recommended for long-haired dogs. In Nintendogs + Cats, there is also a Rubber Brush for short-haired cats and a Comb for long-haired cats. Using the incorrect type of brush when brushing will make brushing more difficult.


  • In the DS versions, the Dog Care Book shows the player how to brush a dog, using a Chihuahua as an example. However, the book shows a Chihuahua with a Rubber Brush, even though Chihuahuas are long-haired and the Wire Brush is suited for them.
  • Mind that not all Chihuahuas are longhair. The example in the Dog Care Book is most likely a shorthair due to the use of a Rubber Brush.
  • When you grab the dog's tail with the brush, it gets mad at you until you let go or move the brush.

Tip: Avoid using a Rubber Brush (or Natural-Bristle Brush in Nintendogs + Cats) for long-haired dogs and avoid using a Wire Brush for short-haired dogs.


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