Bowser Kart

Bowser Kart on NDS.

The Bowser Kart is an item that falls under the category of "Toys" in the Supplies. It is a remote control car with Bowser at the controls and is not commonly found on walks. It is exclusive to Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends and Dalmatian & Friends. The player can control this kart, but crashing into their dogs with it will remove Trainer Points and make the puppies scared of it. When you use it, the Bowser's Castle theme from Mario Kart Double Dash plays. It sells for $100 at the Secondhand Shop, it was going to return in Nintendogs + Cats but was replaced by the Yoshi-Kart.


DS: "This radio-controlled kart boasts speed and Bowser in the driver's seat."

Controls Edit

A to accelerate, B to reverse, D-pad to turn, L to change camera angle