The yellow boomerang from the Toy Poodle version.

The Boomerang is an item in Nintendogs + Cats. It can be bought at the normal BARC Store for $10 at the beginning of the game. It appears in different colors depending on which game you have: Blue in French Bulldog Version, Yellow in Toy Poodle version, and Red for Golden Retriever version. It helps your dog become faster when used at a park or at home. It is good practice for Disc Competitions and Lure Coursing. Both dogs and cats will enjoy this toy. Cats will often jump up into the air and do a flip while chasing it.

Description Edit

3DS: "Throw this boomerang well and it'll come back. Great for fetch!"

Trivia Edit

Boomerangs were what Aboriginal Australians used as a weapon to hunt for kangaroos back in the Dreamtime.

Gallery Edit

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