Red Flying Disc, a Basic Disc.

A Basic Disc is a Flying Disc which has a black outline with "Flying Disc" in recursion on the black outline (written twice), and in the center has "Nintendo" text engraved on it. These discs are the least difficult to find. The red and blue versions can be found in the Pet Supply ($6.00) and Discount Shop. There are three of these to collect.


DS: "This toy is great for play in wide-open areas. The basic model comes in three colors."

Basic DiscsEdit

Note: Best Friends exclusive discs mimic Dachshund, while Dalmation mimics Chihuahua.
Disc Version Price sold Color
Blue Flying Disc All $2.40 Blue
Red Flying Disc All $2.40 Red
Yellow Flying Disc All $2.40 Yellow


  • Basic discs sponsor Nintendo, unlike Sponsor Discs and Aerodiscs which sponsor Nintendogs.