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An example of two dogs meeting in Bark Mode from the Bark Mode Book.

The Bark Mode Book is one of the six care books in Nintendogs (DS). It explains how to use Bark Mode appropriately.

Contents Edit

Page 1: About Bark Mode

Page 3: Trainer Info

Page 5: Voice Message

Page 9: Your Friend List

Page 1 Edit

Choose go out and then choose

Bark Mode To activate the

Bark Mode passing wireless


If You happen to pass by

someone else who has activated

Bark Mode, your dog and their

dog will meet in your DS.

Page 2 Edit

If you always put Nintendogs

into Bark Mode and carry it

around with you, you may

encounter someone where and

when you least expect it...

Page 3 Edit

When you meet another trainer

via Bark Mode, your Trainer Info

will be automaticlly be sent to the

other trainer.

Your Trainer Info can be found

under Info on the Go Out menu.


Name Chris

Birth 01/01

Comment Nintendo 4 Life!

Trainer Pts. 01479/Amateur Trainer

Dogs At Hme. MALE Izzy

Page 4 Edit

Initially, your personal

information enterd On your

DS System menu will appear.

To make changes to this

info, touch EDIT and change the

areas you want. Even if you

change your Trainer info, your

system menu will not change.

Page 5 Edit

You can send a brief voice

message to other trainers

through Bark Mode.

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