Bark Mode is a feature in Nintendogs that allows players to communicate with other players via wireless.


Connecting Nintendo DS systems through bark mode allows a player to play with another player's puppies. One can also listen to a friend's white record recording and exchange friend information. Using bark mode gives a present to each player if the player decides to take one of their supplies.

Park AppearanceEdit

The park for Bark Mode appears with stone for the ground, a couple of green trees, a nice little lake, and if you use a helicopter or zoom closely (In a direction that you can), you'll see a caboose in either red or orange. It is presumed that the setting for the Bark Mode is on an uncrowded bridge.

Nintendo DS Wireless FunctionEdit

After your exchanging information, the wireless function turns off, and players can play with their friend's puppies.


  • In the 3DS version, Bark Mode has been replaced by a similar feature named Pedometer via StreetPass. However, you can't go to the special park.
  • If one of the wireless communicators leaves the park, the other can still play with their dog as long as they want.
  • The present with the blue ribbon (if one of the communicators sends one of their supplies) looks exactly like cat presents in the 3DS.

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