Aster is Billy's pet Dachshund seen in the original Nintendogs.


Aster is a golden Dachshund who wears a blue polka-dot ribbon.

On walksEdit

Aster can be only found on walks in Dachshund and Friends, and Dalmatian and Friends.. He and Billy are in the place of Casey and Morgan. He is mean and will fight with your dog, decreasing trainer points. The only way to make friends with him is to not tug so hard on your puppy's leash.For some reason, he is nicer to dogs in Dalmatian and Friends than Dachshund and Friends.


It is unknown if Billy is a boy or a girl since "Billy" is both a girl and boy's name, but it is thought that Billy is a boy. He often gives out advice rather than having time to talk, too, but he sometimes has times to talk instead of giving out advice, but will be only if you entered your dog in a contest in one he entered Aster in.


  • Another Dachshund, Loulou, who only appears in Nintendogs + Cats, has almost the same personality and appearence as Aster. Loulou is owned by Joe.
  • He is one of the type of dogs that does not bring chew toys back.

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