The Agility Trial Book is one of the six care books; this one tells the rules of the Agility Trial.


Agility Trials are events in which dogs must make their way through an obstacle course. The order in which the obstacles must be cleared will be displayed on the overhead map. Guide your dog to ensure that it clears all the obstacles in the proper order. Each time your dog fails to clear an obstacle or clears it out of order, five points are deducted from your overall score. Also, one point will be deducted for each second your dog exceeds the standard time. Your point deductions for both obstacles and time will be added together to form your final score. In the case of a tie, the dog that cleared the course faster will be declared the winner.

Hurdles & The Long JumpEdit

Quickly touch the hurdle twice to guide your dog over it. Alternately, you can touch and drag the stylus over the hurdle to coax the dog over it.


Touch the tunnel entrance to guide your dog into the tunnel. After your dog enters the tunnel, tap the direction of the exit to guide it out of the tunnel.


Touch the lower edge of the seesaw to guide your dog onto it. Once your dog is on the seesaw, tap in the direction of the far side to guide it off of the seesaw. If your dog falls off the seesaw before the seesaw touches the ground, it will result in a point deduction, so touch behind your dog to keep it from falling off the seesaw.

Slalom (Weave)Edit

Touch the first pole to coax your dog to begin walking through the slalom. Once your dog begins walking through, slide between each pole in a zigzag to guide your dog through.

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