The Agility Trial is a contest that tests the player's dog's speed and agility in an obstacle course. Obstacles include hurdles, long-jump hurdles, tunnels, see-saws, and slalom poles. There are 5 levels of competition in the trials: Beginner, Open, Expert, Master, and Championship. This contest was replaced by Lure Coursing in Nintendogs + Cats.

Objective Edit

The player must guide their dog through the obstacles in the order displayed on the numbered map, which is displayed on the top screen, as quickly as possible. To win, the player needs to beat the current leader's time, and/or get less points than them. If their dog messes up on an obstacle or goes to the wrong obstacle, then a fault (5 points) will be added to the player's point score, decreasing their chance of beating the current leader, depending on what class the dog is participating in. Practice at the gym (on walks) to make sure that the dog is as fast as possible and knows how to go through each obstacle.

Course Edit

During an agility trial, follow the numbered map and try to go fast while still moving. The player must make sure to have their dog practice at the gym first. During the competition, faults will be given if the dog makes a mistake. Each fault adds five points to the player's score (the lower the better,) and each level will require that the dog does not get higher than a certain number of faults in order to place. Faults are given if the dog exceeds the time limit given at the beginning of the contest, does not complete the obstacle correctly, or completes the obstacles in the wrong order. The dog with the fastest time through the course and the fewest faults will win first place. The non-player dogs have fewer faults and faster times as the player moves up through the ranks.


Hurdles and long-jump hurdles must be jumped over. If the dog jumps at the wrong time, not clearing the hurdle, or jumps at the wrong place, points are added to the score. A dog may pause in the middle of a tunnel, adding a fault. If the dog jumps off the see-saw while still on the red area, a fault is added to the player's score. Slalom poles slow the player's dog if it hasn't practiced in the gym; they take ten seconds or more to get through without a trained dog.


To practice the courses, the player must take their dog on a walk. They must race a path to the building with the leaping dog sign out the front. This is the gym, where the player's dog can run around a course in whatever order they want. The course will change according to the dog's skill level as the player advances through the classes in the actual competition. When the dog increases a level, the player is advised to go to the gym to train the dog in the new obstacles. Information on training can be found in the Agility Trial Book, found in the Care section of a player's supplies list. To train the dog to jump over hurdles, tap on the hurdle at least two times or drag the stylus over to coax the dog over the jump. For tunnels, tap the entrance to the tunnel, then tap the exit to guide the dog through the tunnel, or drag the stylus through the tunnel. For seesaws, tap the bottom of the seesaw to let the dog run up, then tap behind the dog so that it stays put while the seesaw goes down. For slalom poles, tap the space after the first pole, then drag the stylus between each pole in a zigzag formation to guide the dog through the poles. Eventually, with enough practice, the player will only have to tap the start of a set of slalom poles and the dog will zig zag through them automatically. Players should note that the dog will be unable at first to complete the obstacles correctly, but repeated practice will have the dog steadily improving its skills. It should also be noted that an agility trial cannot be entered in until the dog has practiced at the gym.


The Championship course has 3 different courses, which are random every time the player enters. The player must have adequate practice before letting their dog enter the contest. Championship class requires that a dog earns no faults (although occasionally a dog with -5 points in faults will place third or even second), and the course usually contains between twelve and fourteen obstacles. Because of this, time limits for this class are much higher than those of lower classes, with the current leaders' times between 50 and 60 seconds and the maximum time limits between 60 and 70 seconds. If a dog places first, second, or third in the Championship class, they will remain in this class, but if he or she does not place, they move down to Master Class.


Competing and placing in agility trials allows a player to earn different amounts of money, with the amount earned depending on one's class and place. Money can only be earned if the player wins at least third place in the competition. For each class, the amount of money won increases; a dog placing first will earn $100 in Beginner Class, $200 in Open Class, $300 in Expert Class, $600 in Master Class, and $1000 in the Championship. A dog placing second will earn $50 in Beginner and $150 in Open.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Chinese: 障碍赛


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