Adam is an unseen human character in the original Nintendogs.

Dogs at homeEdit

Adam has a black and grey Schnauzer named Bear. Bear is found on walks and at contests (mentioned only.). Adam is very friendly and so is Bear, but whenever he and you have time to talk, he does not have that much to say.


"(Little Dog breed) are just so cute! I love small dogs!"

"Oh, wow! A (Medium Dog breed)! You know, all dogs should be this size."

"You know, (Big Dog Breed) are so cool. I dig big dogs."

"Hey! You're the one who's been leaving dog poo all over town! All you have to do is touch it and it goes away!"

"One day, I want to blast off and visit outer space... isn't that weird?"

"Don't let your dog munch on stuff it finds on the street... that's what my Mom says!"

"Oh my! The puppy looks like it's dying of thirst! That poor thing..."

"Ew! Your dog smells! Give it a bath!"

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